A Pretty Package

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I love a pretty package!

A package with a beautiful bow.

When I was little, my mother made the prettiest packages. It didn’t matter what the occasion, the package, she created, was always pretty. I don’t necessarily think it was the paper itself, although that did help, I think it is the way she made the bows.

Big and streaming.

Coordinated to the paper perfectly.

At a young age, my mother taught me to make bows. I am so grateful she did. She had no fancy technique. It is just a gathering and layering of the material.

I am no expert but thought I would show you how I do it.

Making a beautiful package is pretty simple, even for those who don’t consider themselves creative. You need a sturdy box, some wrapping paper, scissors and ribbon. I buy the ribbon with a wired edge. It makes the process of creating the bow so much better. You can get those pretty loops and arrange the bow just perfectly.

Once my package is wrapped, I take the wired ribbon and wrap it once round the package and tie it.

Then I start making my bow. I don’t overthink it, either. I start by making one loop and pinch it in the center. Then I bring the other side up and across my pinched area to make another loop. You must continually pinch the ribbon, in the center, or your loops will fall apart. For me, it’s an over and around process until I get the size I want. I usually make four to six loops.

Keeping the bow pinched in the center, I bring it over to my package and tie it with the ribbon already around the package.

Viola! A simple, yet pretty package.

When my boys were teenagers, I taught them how to make a pretty package. I remember telling them that one day they would find someone special and it would be a good skill to have when showering that special someone with gifts. They did learn and I can say they use this skill well!

Someday, I hope my sons will say I always made a pretty package, just like my mom. I hope they are grateful that I taught them, too.

Well, I hope you like my pretty packages. I hope they give you inspiration. I hope they make you realize anyone, creative or not, can make a pretty package.

Peace and Blessings,


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