Before and After Bathroom Makeover

Updated: Oct 8, 2020


There always seems to be projects to do. Either out of necessity or want.

I wanted to renovate my powder room. Emphasis on want!

Here is a look at how the room stayed for about a month. Yes, a month!

If you are wondering....yes, the lamp we use for painting stayed in there, too!

I had no idea what color I wanted to use. If you don’t know by now, I am a girl who loves color. I do have a lot of grey in my home but my heart belongs to color!

I started with getting some samples from Lowes.

A lot of samples!

I painted little sections of the walls in hopes that something would speak to me.

Nothing did.

I tried white, variations of dark teal, blue, green and gold.

I know….hot mess!

Can anyone relate?

We started the reno by adding crown molding. When we built our house, we had no crown molding. I knew I really wanted it for my powder room and Mr. Mitten kindly agreed. He loves a good reno project. I am sure thankful for that!

Once the supplies were purchased it literally took him about an hour to cut and install the crown. He caulked and then painted the molding.

Easy! Right? At least he makes it look that way.

Since I couldn't pick a color, I finally decided I would look for some wallpaper and give up the paint quest.

I haven’t had wallpaper in years but was excited with all the new patterns and renewed popularity for it. I decided since the room was so small I would only paper one wall as an accent. I found one that I fell in love with and ordered.

Priming the dark walls came next. Choosing paint can be difficult for me, as you can see from the multi-painted walls above, but I chose Sherwin Williams Brasstint for the remaining walls.

I am so pleased with how it came out.

Next up was the wallpaper. It is such a fun pattern!

Ignore the horrible picture with the ladder but don’t you agree?

The mirror I originally picked out was $350. Too pricey for my budget! I looked everywhere but like the paint picking, nothing spoke to me.

I decided on using one I already had. It was originally a dark shiny finish and I decided to paint it gold. I covered the mirror and taped off around the edge. I then used gold spray paint to get the look I was going for.

Some might think it’s too much with the gold walls, but I love it!

Quick, inexpensive and so easy!

Earlier this month, when I was visiting the west side of the state, I found some striped fabric at an amazing store. It was on sale and I paid about $12 for it. I reupholstered an existing cornice board that Mr. Mitten previously made for me.


A new window treatment.

I already had this little chandelier hanging in the bathroom and love it so much that I just reused it for this renovation.

I created a floral arrangement for the counter with some new and old pieces. You can see it here.

I ordered some floral prints, the toilet seat cover, and a new Kleenex box holder from Amazon. Using new and old items, the project came together perfect!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Here is the finished product!

This powder room reno project that should have taken a weekend, took us a month…..or more.

Do projects ever take the amount of time you think they will?

I hope you enjoyed my little project. I hope it shows you that you can always use new and old to create a pretty space. I hope it gives you inspiration to love color as much as I do!

Long live color!

Peace and Blessings,


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