How To Create A Simple Valentine's Table

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday!

Do you love this Hallmark holiday?

Are you team pink and red or could you care less?

Maybe you just like the chance to celebrate with your special Valentine or maybe with your family.

Any reason to be with my Valentine AND my family is a good enough reason to celebrate, for me!

This past weekend, we did just that with our immediate family.

So I was definitely team pink and red!

Nothing super fancy. No elaborate menu. I just wanted to create a special table, without spending a fortune.

I am all about creating a pretty table with items you have in your home.

If you know me, or have been following me long enough, you know I have plenty of colored dishes. Therefore, this was an easy task for me to pull together.

I used my pink and red plates, rotating the colors.

It took me many years to acquire all the dishes that I have. Some were gifts, some I bought at antique markets and others at department stores. If you can’t afford to buy several different types of dishes, my suggestion is to have a basic set of cream or white. After you have your neutral set of dishes, I would invest in a set of red. Red is so festive and can be used for many different holidays, such as, Christmas, 4th of July, Memorial Day and Valentine’s Day.

I found the perfect napkins for my budget friendly table and I also picked up some felt hearts. They were both 40% off at my local craft store. The week of any holiday is the perfect time to buy, as most places will have their items on sale.

I added the little felt hearts to the napkins which I laid directly on the plate.

I have some clear glass stemware I acquired from my mom. Having this type of stemware is also the perfect staple item and worth the investment. They can be used for any occasion. It's important to remember that estate sales, garage sales and antique markets are great places to find dishes and stemware very inexpensively.

I used my two of my cake plates to display some sweet treats! I also pulled out some candy dishes for strawberries and some chocolate kisses.

Anytime I have a party, I like to have flowers.

Who doesn't love pretty flowers??

I believe flowers give any table setting the finishing touch. I usually buy my flowers at my local grocery store. They typically have a great selection and are very inexpensive. Many times they have a section of flowers that have been marked down, which was the case for the flowers I used for this table setting. I think most everyone has a vase or jar in their home that can be repurposed. I used a pink mason jar I already had. So no cost there!

In my holiday stash, I had a little wooden sign and a wooden tag with "xoxo" on it. I hung the tag from my flower vase. It added just the right touch. Both would be easy to duplicate with materials you have at home.

Here is another simple tip....if you have pink or red food coloring, you can add it to the water in the flower vase for an extra pop of color.

I didn't use any linens for my table setting. I was going for simple and I think it worked!

Nothing fancy, yet everyone thought the table looked so pretty and festive.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to make a simple table setting. I hope you have any amazing and festive Valentine's Day!

Peace and Blessings,


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