How To Set An Easter Table

Hard to believe Easter is this weekend. Are you ready?

I am so excited!

Want to know why?

We are having an Easter egg hunt for our sweet granddaughter! Her very first one! I can't wait to see her little face as she picks up those colorful pieces of plastic.

I am also excited for my family to be together. After the last year, I will never take for granted another chance to be together.

Putting together a special table has always made me happy, but now it really excites me! Table setting is such a fun and creative process and it can make people who come to your home feel special.

What's better than making the people you love feel special?

If you have been here for awhile, you have heard me say this before. One of my biggest suggestions on creating a pretty table is, if you are working with a budget, make sure you have a neutral set of dishes. That way you can dress your table up, with accessories, according to the season or occasion. It's a super budget friendly way to go. As money allows, you can add to your dish collection.

I recently shared my Easter table, last week, when I participated with 29 other talented bloggers for a Spring Home Tour.

If you missed my table setting there, you're in luck!

I am sharing it with you all now!

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I started my Easter table with some wicker chargers I already had. I found some similar ones that would work for you, too. They are super versatile and can be used with many other table settings.

Next up, the dishes. Sometimes, I buy dishes and don't really even need them. That was the case with the colorful bunny dishes I purchased.

You know it's that need vs. want thing. If you are a shopper....I know you get that!

The bunny dishes are plastic and I am ok with that. You don't always need fine china for every occasion. I believe you can take anything, work with it, and make it beautiful.

These beautiful flowers were the inspiration for my table. I loved the bright pink and yellow colors. I used a simple white pitcher to display them. The felt rose garland was a gift and it was the perfect addition.

Don't they just scream spring?

I rounded out the place setting with some pretty napkins and pink stem ware. I bought the stemware because they remind me of depression glass. On a sad note, I don't own any real depression glass but it's on my list!

So, here it is!



Colorful....and ready to celebrate!

I hope you get to spend the day with the people you love most. I hope I have inspired you to create a special table and have fun doing it. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Peace and Blessings,


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