Mitten Moments

Welcome to my Mitten Moments!

Random moments from my week that I am sharing with you!

1) It was a beautiful week in the Mitten! We had sunshine and warm weather, which is definitely unseasonable for this time of the year. I even saw my tulips peeking through the half-hard ground.

We are "springing" the clocks forward this weekend, so it can't be far out of reach!

Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods?

2) I don’t know if you know, but I work a full-time job, on top of my blanket making and blogging. My office recently moved to a small town here, in the Mitten. It’s fun to walk around and explore during my lunch. There are a few thrift stores, a used book store and a collaborative shop. Have you ever been to one? If you pay a flat rate of $100 a month, you can sell your products/crafts in their store.

What do you think? Would it be worth it for you?

3) This week proved to be a fun delivery week for me. The delivery truck kept coming!!

Do you know your delivery guy's name?

I feel like I should after this year of online purchases!

Along with finishing my she room, I am doing some refreshes in some other areas of my home and hope to share with you soon.

4) As we head into the spring season, I will be going back to the roots of why I started this blog. Recently, I have had a lot of requests for my blankets. So, I will be pulling out the sewing machine and YOU will be seeing more of my cottage blankets, in the coming weeks. Finding a cure for brain tumors is my passion. Sewing the blankets for the cause has been a blessing.

5) This week I shared my love for all things vintage. If you missed it, you can read about here.

Until then...

Here are some other WONDERFUL moments, I found this week:

These amazing lemon raspberry bars

This restyled sofa table

This DIY duvet cover

These 5 tips to add spring decor to your entry

This beautiful garden tour

I hope all the moments of your Saturday bring you more joy than you could imagine!

Peace and Blessings,


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