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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hello from the Mitten!

Today, I am talking a little bit about Christmas trees.

I have just finished all the Christmas decor in my home and it got me thinking about all the trees and traditions we have had over the years.

Do you have traditions that you used to do and but longer do?

Are you an artificial or real kind of person?

Maybe both?

How many trees do you put up in your home?

For years, we put up three trees in our home.

Yes, three!

My sons love Christmas. Sometimes, I believe the memories of all those trees helped create their love of the season. Maybe it was all those toys they received, but I am going to go with the big Christmas trees we always had.

Every year, on Thanksgiving weekend, we had a huge outing with friends and family to find the perfect tree. We went to the same tree farm, about an hour and half from our home. We made a day out of finding just the right tree which included a big meal with everyone, celebrating the big tree hunt.

To this day, it is some of the best family memories we have!

Along with the real tree, we also put up a nine foot artificial tree and a small tree in our office. Each tree was decorated differently.

The office tree was small and narrow and perfect for that space. I used white lights, a thin gold garland with stars, and a gold bow for the top. Simple but pretty.

Our real tree always had white lights with blue, silver and white ornaments. I always used a big blue bow for the top of the tree. The blue was a tradition Mr. Mitten and I started, when our first son was born, right before Christmas, in 1992. Since we had two sons after that, blue seemed to be the right color choice! Our large artificial tree was our “fun” tree. We decorated it with colored lights, some of which were “chasing” lights. That tree never had less than 1500 lights! It had all the handmade ornaments from our sons and Mr. Mitten and I. We also used the ornaments we purchased from vacations and ornaments we picked up over the years.

I loved those years of the multiple trees and all the memories they helped create. Looking back, it was a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

As with most things in life, nothing stays the same forever.

These days, our Cottage in the Mitten is much smaller. We don’t have the room we used to. Although I loved decorating our fancy blue tree and sometimes wish I still had room for it, I am grateful for the memories it gave us. We now only put up the "fun” tree, along with the small tree we use in our office.

Do you ever think about all the trees and traditions you have had over the years?

I hope that whatever traditions you have in your past, you look at them fondly. I hope they make you smile and warm your heart. I also hope you embrace your new traditions, even though they aren’t like the old.

Peace and Blessings,


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