Sim·plic·i·ty - It is the state, quality, or an instance of being simple.

Being forced to stay-in-place has made me realize how truly fast paced my life has been over the last several years. My guess is many of you are feeling the same way. Sure, I knew I was busy with work, high school sports, helping family, spending time with friends, keeping up with all the things at home, church activities etc., but I never really understood how badly I needed to get back to the basics. How much I needed to break from all the busyness. I always wanted the opportunity to slow down and “simplify” my life, and well, now I have it.

Over the last month, I have been forced to slow down. We all have been forced to slow down. I am working from home, however, my daily attire has gone from business casual to sweatpants. My daily drive is no more. As a family, our eating habits have gone from eating out three or more times a week, to eating three meals at home, daily, together. I told my husband and two of my sons who still live with us, that I haven’t cooked and baked like this since they were little. If I am being honest, I probably didn’t cook that much then! We are saving more money, reading more, crafting more, playing games, walking or working out daily, and having more real intentional conversations. Not just the “Hi” or “Bye, have a good day” kind of conversations. No more is the Sunday drive to church. We now share the message on TV, in our living room. We are just being with each other. Spending time together doing the simple things of life. Although it is hard being away from our other family and friends, we are being intentional with the time we have and doing much of it together.

In many ways, this has been a time of reset for me. For me to sit quiet daily, realizing what truly is important. My hope is that when this time is over, I can compartmentalize my life in a way that I continue enjoying and doing the simple things.

Let’s hope this time helps us appreciate all the little things we may have taken for granted. Let’s have thankful hearts for this time. Let’s find joy in every new day we are given. Let’s embrace these simple moments. We are making memories even if it doesn’t feel that way.

The simple things. They are truly so important.

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