The Christmas Table

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is this week! I hope you have finished shopping, are wrapped and all ready for the big day! I just have our table setting to do.

Who loves a pretty table?


This year, I felt like I needed to do a trial run of my Christmas table setting. So today, I set out to do just that!

If you don’t know me by now, I love dishes. All different types of dishes and glassware. I am a firm believer in using old, new and what you have on hand to create a beautiful table setting. The items on your table don’t have to be fancy or expensive to be pretty!

Read that again, if you need reassurance in what I just said.

I made up my mind, after I made my Christmas footed tray, that I wanted some garland along the center of my table. I don’t have any pines in my yard but my brother-in-law has access to some pine trees and was kind enough to give me some of his clippings.

I laid out the pine clippings, organized them and used some floral wire to attach the pieces to each other. It really is a simple process. Trust me, you don’t have to be crafty in order to create this pretty centerpiece. I found a few single holly berries in my crafting stash. Once I had the pine wired to my liking, I slid the holly berries into place.

The dishes I chose to use are some I have had for about twenty-five years or more. They have big red poinsettias all around the edge. They aren’t expensive but were my very first set of Christmas dishes and, therefore, are sentimental to me.

I didn’t have enough chargers for the whole table so I did every other dish with a charger. I don’t think anyone will sit down and feel offended or, even notice, that each place setting doesn’t sit on top of a charger.

For the glasses, I used some fancier plastic tumblers that I have also had for years. They are red and look perfect with the dishes. I found some red tumblers on-line that are very similar. I needed more so they compliment what I already have.

The napkins are taupe stripe and I love the way they look with the red stripe table runner. I had some left over holly berries, so I put one around each napkin. Not fancy, put dainty and pretty enough for the occasion.

Like I said before, nothing about my table is expensive or fancy. I just used what I had to create this festive space!

I hope I have shown you that you can make a pretty Christmas table on a budget. Honestly, I hope no matter what your table looks like, that you are blessed by the memories you make around it, this Christmas season!

Peace and Blessings,


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