The Table

The table. It has many uses. It truly is the center of our home.

At the beginning of the year, our family gathered around the table and we created vision boards for 2020. I can tell you, at that time, none of us anticipated the kind of year it would be!

The table holds the memories of all our holidays, birthdays, family dinners, conversations, laughter and tears. It stands in the same place awaiting our coming events.

Often, the table provides each of us a quick place to sit as we dine and dash due to our busy schedules. I am sure many of you can relate to a busy schedule and eating on the run.

Most Sundays, the table is full of our family and friends. It’s where we pray, catch-up, make future plans, and share a meal. It’s the day of the week I am most thankful for my table.

On Tuesdays, we watch our precious and only grandchild. The table is the place that we hold her little hand and help teach her to pray before we feed her.

Many times, it is a gathering place to play games.

With three of us home, during this pandemic, my sewing table is currently a work-from-home station. I have a goal to finish a blanket top this week. So today, I am using the table to finish a sewing project. I am grateful for this big barn table and being able to use it for a project like this.

The table. So many uses. So many memories.

I hope you have a table like this at your home.

I hope it brings you the same kind of uses, memories and joy!

Peace and Blessings,


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